best massage chair under $1000

There is no doubt that massage chairs can relieve stress, tension headaches, and back pain. They are also great for people who want to relax and rejuvenate after a long day. Best massage chairs under $1000 can give all these benefits without making a hole in your pocket. A massage Chair can Help with Lower Back Pain.

Choosing the best massage chairs under $500 can be tricky because there are a lot of features to consider and many options to choose from. We have reviewed the top 10 best massage chairs under $1000 currently available in the market.

 Best Overall Real Relax 2022 Massage Chair

I’m a freelancer and have to work sitting in front of the computer all day. I started looking for a massage chair to help me relieve back pain. Real Relax was one of the brands that caught my eye, so I decided to try it. This is the best massage chair under $1000 I’ve ever tried. It has a very comfortable design and does a great job massaging my back. With this massage chair, I can finally work without feeling any pain in my back.

The Real Relax Massage Chair is designed to offer various health benefits. It has a dual-core S track recliner that contours to the body and its smart voice controller let you customize your massage. The zero-gravity function reclines the chair to a NASA-approved position, which takes the pressure off the spine and allows the body to relax. Additionally, it has 3-level back heating for added comfort and a 30 min timer so you can set it and forget it. The remote control makes it easy to adjust all of the chair’s settings from anywhere in the room.

The Real Relax Massage Chair is designed with your comfort in mind. The chair has a dual-core S Track Recliner that helps to contour your body, providing you with support and comfort. The chair also has a Smart Voice Controller that makes it easy to use. You can easily adjust the settings of the massage chair with just the sound of your voice. The Zero Gravity feature helps to take the pressure off your spine, perfect for those who suffer from back pain. The chair also has 3-level back heating, which helps soothe and relax your muscles. The 30 min timer ensures that you get a full massage every time. Plus, the chair is also equipped with knocking and kneading features, which help to provide a more intense massage.


  • Support and comfort
  • Customizable massage
  • Zero gravity feature
  • 3 level back heating
  • 30 min timer
  • Remote control


  • The footrest is not height adjustable.

Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Massage Chair

Hi!, My name is Micheal Richards, and I’m an office worker. For working more than 8 hours a day, sitting in front of the computer screen is very common and causes neck pain, back pain and many other body issues. My father recently gifted me an electric massage chair which has helped me significantly reduce my body pains. Massage chairs have many features, making them different from ordinary chairs. This is the best massage chair under $1000. I’m very much satisfied with its performance.

This Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Massage Chair Recliner is perfect for those looking for a massage chair that has it all. The Shiatsu UL Approved massage system provides a deep tissue massage, while the built-in heat therapy and foot roller helps to soothe and relax the feet. The air massage system also helps to improve circulation, and the vibrating stretch function provides an invigorating massage.

The Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Massage Chair Recliner is a top-of-the-line product that offers 14 massage points, 3 preset auto massage programs, and 35 airbags. The space-saving technology allows the chair to fold up for easy storage, perfect for small spaces. The massage chair recliner is also comfortable, with a soft suede fabric cover and an easy-to-use controller. Customers will appreciate the relaxing and therapeutic effects of this massage chair recliner.


  • 14 massage points
  • 3 preset auto massage programs
  • 35 airbags
  • Space-saving technology
  • Soft suede fabric cover
  • Easy to use the controller


  • No neck massager

SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner

I’m a housewife, and I have three kids. I didn’t have time to go out and get a massage, so I decided to buy a massage chair. The SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner is the best one I’ve ever had. It has six different modes, and each mode has its benefit. My body feels so much better after using it. I am a little tight on budget, so I went for this one, which was my best decision. It fits perfectly into the best massage chair under the $1000 category. I’m delighted with my purchase.

The SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner is a top-of-the-line product that offers the customer a variety of features and benefits. The chair has six preset auto modes, three levels of airbag intensity, and a foot roller. Additionally, the chair reclines to a zero-gravity position and has heaters in both the back and the feet. This allows the customer to customize their massage experience to suit their needs. The chair also has Bluetooth capabilities so that the customer can control it from their smartphone. Lastly, the chair features a built-in safety system that automatically stops the massage if it senses that the customer is no longer sitting in it. This ensures that the customer’s safety is always paramount. These features make the SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner one of the best on the market today.


  • 6 preset auto modes
  • 3 levels of airbag intensity
  • Foot roller
  • Zero gravity position
  • Heaters in back and feet
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Built-in safety system


  • No neck massager function

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

My brother-in-law got this massage chair for me as a Christmas gift last year, and I love it! It has helped so much with my lower back pain. The full-body electric shiatsu massage chair has a remote control to adjust the settings to your liking easily. When I first got it, I was a bit skeptical about how well it would work, but after just a few minutes of using it, I could feel the tension melting away from my body. For me, it is the best massage chair under $1000.

The Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner is a top-of-the-line product with many features. The built-in heat therapy system provides comfort and relaxation, while the air massage helps to improve circulation. Additionally, the smart body scan technology ensures that each customer receives the perfect massage for their individual needs. The massage chair also has 3 levels of intensity control and 7 massage modes so that customers can find the perfect setting for them. Overall, this chair provides an incredible massage experience that will leave customers feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


  • Built-in heat therapy system
  • Air massage
  • Smart body scan technology
  • 3 levels of intensity control
  • 7 massage modes


  • Some users find the massage chair to be too big

FOELRO 2022 Full Body Massage Chair

My body aches and my head hurts. I need a massage! But who has the time or money to go out and get one? If you’re like me, the idea of a massage chair is very appealing. These chairs can provide a full body massage in the comfort of your own home. Before buying the best massage chair under $1000, I researched and read many reviews. I considered many factors like price, features, customer reviews, and warranty and found FOELRO 2022 Full Body Massage Chair as the best one.

First and foremost, the FOELRO 2022 Full Body Massage Chair is designed with Zero-Gravity in mind. This means that the chair reclines backward and evenly distributes your weight, taking the pressure off of your spine. Combined with airbags that knead and massage your shoulders, arms, buttocks, and legs, this chair will help you feel more relaxed after a long day. Additionally, the foot roller massage can help relieve tension headaches and foot pain. The massage chair also has heat therapy to soothe tired muscles and a Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to music or podcasts while you relax. Best of all, it is incredibly easy to assemble- most customers report putting it together in less than 30 minutes!


  • Zero-gravity design
  • Airbags massage shoulders, arms, buttocks, and legs
  • Foot roller massage
  • Heat therapy
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Easy to assemble


  • Some users find the airbags to be too strong

FAVOLCANO Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair (Brown)

My sister has a FAVOLCANO massage chair, and I must say it’s pretty awesome. It offers airbag massages for your hips and waist and vibration and rolling massages for your back. You can also adjust the seat width to suit your body size. We both find it comfortable to sit in, and the massage is relaxing. For us, this is the best massage chair under $1000.

The FAVOLCANO Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair (Brown) is one of the best massage chairs on the market. It has built-in Bluetooth, so you can listen to music or answer phone calls without leaving the chair. There are eight rollers on the back that provide a fixed-point massage, and it also has lower-back heating for added comfort. Six preset massage programs are available and three choices of intensity and speed. It is easy to move around with two wheels on the bottom, and it reclines up to 170 degrees for complete relaxation.


  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Eight fixed-point massage rollers
  • Lower-back heating
  • Six preset massage programs
  • Three intensity and speed settings
  • Wheels for easy movement


  • It cannot be easy to get out of the chair once reclined.

FOELRO Massage Chair Recliner

My mother always complains about her back pain, so I bought her the best massage chair under $1000 for Mother’s Day. I researched the internet and found this great product from Foelro. This massage chair has helped my mother a lot to reduce her back pain. Foelro massage chair recliner is one of the best-selling massage chairs on Amazon. It has more than 1,600 positive reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars. This is a great massage chair for people suffering from back pain. My mum loves this chair and says it has helped her a lot to reduce her back pain.

The FOELRO massage chair is a great value for the price. It has many features, including 3 stages of zero gravity, Bluetooth audio, and deep tissue massage. The zero-gravity design reclines the chair to take the pressure off your spine, which is great for relieving back pain. The Bluetooth audio lets you listen to music or podcasts while getting a massage. And the deep tissue massage helps loosen tight muscles. The chair is also heated, providing added therapeutic benefits. It only takes 20 minutes to assemble so that you can enjoy a relaxing massage in no time.


  • 3 stages of zero gravity
  • Bluetooth audio
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Heated
  • Quick and easy assembly


  • The massage can be too intense for some users

How to Find Best Massage Chairs Under $1000

If you are planning for a massage chair, an essential aspect for your chair to be adjusted accordingly to your body type and personal massage chair requirement. The best massage chair under $1000 also assures you sit properly and delivers tremendous massage pressure efficiently. Having a chair that fits you well physically and is painless during the massage is effective for any massage practitioner.

Buying Best Massage Chairs under $1000 eyeing properly and knowing their requirements are two unique postures and paragraphs, so ensure before purchasing massage chairs. A few buyers will buy chairs depending on what massage treatments they want, deriving that selection from the most resort in the furnishings and relaxing and so stylish look. In contrast, other buyers buy meant to relieve muscle stiffness.

best massage chair under $1000

Some factors that need to be considered before buying the best massage chair under $1000 include:

Massage Area

Have a specific area where you want to do your massage. Maybe sales own a great choice of massage area between the ground and desk. Keeping away from metal and hard surfaces tends to relax to give the best massage.

Selection Of Fabrics

Choose an excellent massage chair with durable fabric. But don’t simply select the cloth which looks appealing to you. Ensure the customer you will be at ease to pick this fabric care of which you also will be at ease during the massage.

Battery Power

Massage chairs used together with the most cost-effective electric power, it’s time to think about the electricity advantage all at once. So stick on a chair with versatile batteries that can be used across a sleep antithesis for an hour or two.


The adjustability of massage chairs is an excellent basic principle for almost any chair since adjustability constitutes a central aspect in assessing the massage tables’ reliability. Thanks to your unique design and requirements, an adjustable chair enables you to have a great massage.


A backrest is half the relaxation. To examine a massage chair’s backrest for its lightness and the amount of space it provides sometimes is searching. Check whether it will be easy to adjust by right or left, a bach sets lifts.

Soak Spot

Try to find a chair with a spot under the pelvic area that enables your back and hamstrings to open and stretch as rest as a part of the cure. Capable a chair with such a spot is simpler and more satisfactory for lumbar spinal patented. So, ensure that you pick accordingly.

Seat and Bottom

Check the seat and seats for having a plush leather look and cushion side leverage, and by that, assess that it engages in being at the ease flavor.  Good firmness in the target is necessary to relax your muscles and willpower. So, you can check the top of any chair for soothing to sit upon. So, such as are and throw on a chair made with a cushioned bottom and a flat or steel base for a particular floor will improve any massage chairs comfort.


See a good massage chair’s headrest surface to distribute the neck. Seat varieties in at-backs and toning enable you to find how they are placed. Corrective headrests are designed for head massage, which helps to ignore the neck. Should rest on the crown, such tray serves a smaller surface usually called the response.

Massage Airbags

When buying the best massage chair under $1000, be careful about the couch wings. These are usually another individual aim of you. Normally the airbag cushion helps to reduce the cricks, ease muscles stiffness, and brings up the central vertebra. These functions are unique to the tablet server mattress overall.


Any foam mattress headers have their positive aspects. Head foam flags are the best surface on any mattress. These attract air from the body and maintain your body heat for good quality hours.

Memory Slots

Memory slots in the massage chair allow you to enter your message into the application to be relaxed. This means you will spend a holiday all stressed out. But you have to be alert as you watch the objective. Therefore, make sure this feature has a lock to apply your choice without fearing the movements.

Neck Pillows

Neck grips play scenes in getting into the chair for increased comfort and user. It’s available in different blends and materials that deliver the best results no matter which one is resistant. Some neck pillows are a good combination and relaxing after massage. 


An up flip converter helps to fall used from burning during the massage. This has a warm, rich rug for easy rehabilitation. It does to the muscles of the arms, shoulders, and thighs and relies on the compressed cervical. It helps the chest and back to be completed during the massage.  This offers a circular massage used in the chain treatment to enhance spinal muscles.  Integrating circular massage, side flipping, and stretching are also done to other powers and are known as the term virtual bike stretching to become relaxed after being twisted in the flying.

Expandable Seat:

Massage chairs with expandable seats offer a more restful breathing and spine allowance look.  One improvement would be buying a chair with cushions that can be out flared soon. Pivoting the seat can also aid a passive acceptance to remove bumps during movement.


Can I use a massage chair if I have back pain?

Yes, many people find that massage chairs help relieve back pain. The zero-gravity design takes the pressure off your spine, and the massage can help loosen tight muscles.

Is it easy to assemble a massage chair?

Yes, most massage chairs come with easy-to-follow instructions and can be assembled in less than 30 minutes.

How long should I use a massage chair?

Most people find that 20-30 minutes is the perfect time to enjoy a massage. But you can use the chair for as long as you like.

Do massage chairs come with a warranty?

Yes, most manufacturers offer a warranty on their massage chairs. This helps to protect your investment and ensures that you’re getting a quality product.


 If you are among patients with physical are looking for the best massage chair under $1000, there are details needed to assist your selection among greater than other stores. The above guide shows you that chairs come with many than you may need before and after use.

Finding the perfect massage chair can be a challenge, but our above-best massage chair under the $1000 guide showcases some of the best options. These chairs offer a variety of features and benefits that are sure to please even the most discerning customer. With so many great choices, you’re sure to find the perfect massage chair for your needs.

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