office ergonomics tips

Stated down are some tips that can avoid fatigue in offices leading to a rapid increase in work productivity

Always keep head and neck in a straight vertical line, and with that, relax shoulders

An inclined head concerning the neck will produce an excruciating pain in the cervical area and would increase immediately if inclination increases up to 25 degrees. How to Set Up a Home Office

 Pc screen should be at your eye level

For the best experience, the monitor should be an arm’s length away and at eye level so that you do not have to look upwards or downwards, leading to cervical pain.

Keep hands, wrist, and forearms in a straight line.

Exorbitant reaching can cause severe muscle strain

Keep elbows tucked in with body and mouse close to the keyboard

Exorbitant reaching can cause severe muscle strain

Back and thighs should be at a 90-degree angle

Forward leaning of the torso without proper support in the lower back area or the forearms probably causes severe problems to the spine. Frequent torso movements are usually the leading cause of deadly injuries to the lumbar area, including the pelvis.

Legs with thighs should be at an angle of 90 angle

When the femur leans forward causes a massive impact on the thighs, causing lower blood flow to the legs resulting in numbness of the foot.

Always keep your feet on the floor or footrest.

Dangling feet will put massive pressure on the rear of the thighs, preventing proper blood flow with some numbness. If feet are dangling in midair, lower down the chair if adjustable or use a footrest. 

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