As in our nursery tale, goldilocks, and the 3 bears, goldilocks stated that:

‘As I sat down in the papa’s chair, its cushion was very soft as I am going to drown in it so I stood up and sat down on the mama’s chair but unfortunately its cushion was very hard as if I am sitting on a sturdy rock. Once again I stood up and sat down on the baby chair which was perfect for me as if it was made for me.’

Some basic rules and recommendations for choosing the best chair in true Goldilocks fashion are stated down,

The 8 Best Office Chairs for Buttock Pain, According to Experts

Seat height

What if the seat is too high or too low according to your body height. If the seat is too high that your feet are floating in the air so they will be left unsupported, and the corner of the seat will pressurize the rear of the knees resulting in disturbed blood flow leading to leg numbness, Bum Sweat or you would be forced to lean forward until your feet barely touches the ground resulting in a loss in your spine s-curvature and general pain with distorted blood regulation and a bad posture for working till late hours.

If the seat is too low that your knees are leaning forward then your whole body makes it difficult for you to sit stably and reduces the s curvature of the spine too.

Perfect ergonomic chair

Possible solution,

Adjust your chair according to your body height so that your calves are making a 90-degree angle with your thighs for perfect posture.

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Seat depth

If the seat depth is too much so it can make your feet numb or if the seat depth is very restricted so it can hurt your hips and disturb your pelvis

Possible solutions.

Replace your cushion according to your need.


The armrests should be close to your body so that your elbows and shoulders are fully relaxed. They are never the main focus of a chair.


It should provide your back with proper support with maintaining the S-curvature of the spine. If not then take the help of a cushion and place it as your needs or choose a chair with a perfect backrest.

Final Verdict

Try to choose a caster chair as it is moveable and fully adjustable. Focus on these principles and you will get the best chair according to your body. Never compromise when buying a chair because a chair is the one on which you are going to sit for several hours.  

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